Action Aquapark attractions have height, age and weight restrictions. There are restrictions for sliding and swimming with hats, sunglassses or any clothes. No refunds due to all park’s policies and restrictions.

Uphill water coaster

Uphill Water Coaster: climb the highest tube slide start
tower (20 meters in the sky), slide down vertically, go
UP the water, turn of 180°, go through a clear part and
light effects … and again DOWN and UP again.
– 165 meters length
– 99 steps starting towers
– 40 seconds sliding time

Race Turbolance

New, full of adrenaline water slide, the amazing Turbolance. It is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria and consists of classic Black Hole, which turns
into extreme slide with up to 42 km/h down а 50 degrees slope, followed by an uphill after which you speed up again before you pass by an enrgizing
jump to the final.

Free fall

How well do you know yourself if you never tried Freefall? Feel of weightlessness combined with maximum safety. This 18m/60ft vertical drop slide is designed with thrill seekers in mind. Before you plummet of the end of this slide be sure to cross your legs because with speeds of over 60 km/h a wedgie is not fun.


Feel the speed, splashing water, and try the thrill of being a focus of attention. Compete on the 4 Lane Multislade and prove who is the fastest. The competition adds extra adrenaline. The 4 lanes are enough to compete with friends, family or other visitors in the park. This is probably the slider you’ll spend the longest time so you’re the winner.

Black hole

The mysterious Black Hole will captivate you with amazing light effects and stunning tunnels and turns for 150 meters. Will you resist the temptation to meet face to face with the unknown? A favorite of all and a rare rink. This is the longest similar slide in Bulgaria.

Wave pool

The artificial waves pool is a unique combination of fun and relaxation. It feels like you are bathing in the sea as 1 meter tall waves hit you. Together with the nearby huge sunbeds area it is surely one of the most relaxing areas of the park.


Holy Crap! This is the only thing that comes to mind after seeing how fast people slide. Find out what it’s like to fly from 18 meters in the sky and land in wet for less than 6 sec. X-treme reaches heights and speeds once considered impossible.


Imagine a waterfall current, which lifts you up and drops you gracefully down. Go through the ups and downs of an unforgettable ride. Niagara is a ranging torrent of emotions that even nature cannot control.This waterslide has always been a big hit among our visitors, voted several times №1 among all family attractions


A thrilling vertical plunge, water sliding down an 80 degrees slope. You will be amazed how much fun you will have sliding down this amazing water slide. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most fun you can have, this is an 11!

Crazy river

A complicated road full of mystery! Find a way to silence The crazy river and it will give you great pleasure. That’s it presenting people, hearing the words “water slide” and so this slide does not get you tired. Surprise the donut.


Face up the vertiginous slope, a water that leaves you breathless. Reach the very limits of excitement and fun. You slide rapidly down, than the slide levels you for a second and it’s straight down again with maximum speed down a 70 degrees slope. And all this without seeing the sky!