A la carte restaurant

It is time for lunch, you love Mediterranean cuisine, you want to eat pasta or just try our great desserts of our own production, Welcome to our A La Carte Restaurant!

Fresh salads, beef, chicken or pork dishes, barbecue specialties, risotto or fish plate A La Carte Restaurant offers you the desired choice. Serving the highest level, courtesy of ours waiters and a great presentation of our dishes, all this is part of the atmosphere in the restaurant.

A La Carte has 250 seats and awaits you with a lot of surprises and special offers from our Chef.

A small part of the menu:

1. Barbecue specialties:

• Beef rack
• Pepper steak
• Steak with Kappers sauce
• Pork steak with mushroom sauce
• Chicken Steak with Stewed Vegetables

2. Fish Plates:

• trout on a plate
• white fish pans
• horse mackerel
• squid
• Shrimps

3. Aminutes: /different types of pasta – spaghetti, taliatelli, tortellini and more pizzas, risotto …/

4. Soups /Vegetable Cream Soup, Chicken Soup, Tartar …/

5. Starters /spinach in Italian sauce, pancake squid, chicken wings, fish sticks …/

6. Fresh salads /Shopa, Greek, green salad with shrimps, caprese, sea …/

7. Selected desserts /biscuit cake, tiramisu, brulee cream, …/

Fast food corner (not working for 2020)

You want to eat something fast – visit our fast food restaurant. The restaurant offer a wide variety of sandwiches of different kinds sausages, ham and cheese. At your disposal is a menu of hot sandwiches and chicken and beef burgers, pickers and vegetable burgers. Part from the menu are the traditional hot dog, french fries as well as the most popular
pizza types.

For dessert choose between American pancakes with different syrups, honey or chocolate or donuts with different topping. There is also a rich selection of soft drinks beverages, natural juices, beer, chips and the favorite baby ice cream.

Ready menus and special offers every day!

Capacity: 200 seats

Ice cream house (not working for 2020)

Check out our remarkable Ice Cream House, a place you should’t miss visiting. The ice cream varieties will surelly impress you. Except for the packed ice cream of Nestle, in the house await you a wide selection of fruit and milki ice creams, ice cream tarts. The ice cream is somehow natural during the long summer days. Don’t miss trying an ice cream of choice with a fresh cold or hot waffle. Sweet and salty delights, soft drinks and juices. Daily menu surprises, new ice creams and more…Pay us a visit. Enjoy your ice cream.

Cocktail pool bar (not working for 2020)

If you want to relax with cold beer or mojito in your hand or you just want to enjoy the magnificent view of Action Aquapark come to the Cocktail Pool Bar. Wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks cocktails, various kinds of drinks. Part of our bartenders’ favorites /two of each type/:


Tom Collins / gin, fresh lemon, soda, sugar syrup /
Summertime / vodka, coconut mix, pineapple juice /

Acacia Shock, Tequila, Peach /
Russian cocaine / vodka, lemon, sugar, coffee /

Non-alcoholic cocktails:

Amazon / apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, fresh lemon, maraschino /
Pilot Pina Colada / Cream, Coconut Syrup, Juice, Pineapple /

Coca-Cola bar

Coca Cola is our central and largest bar. Unique atmosphere, fast service and a great place to hide from the sun with cocktail or beer in hand.

Coca Cola Bar, what to expect:

Wide choice of alcoholic cocktails / traditional and fusion cocktails /
Non-alcoholic cocktails
Jams, natural juices, citronades
Milk shakes / banana, strawberry, chocolate, etc. /
Refreshing caffeinated beverages
Various types of beer
Hot drinks / cappuccino, hot chocolate, espresso, etc. /
Chips, Snacks, Ice Cream

Capacity: 100 seats / tables and bar chairs /